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We provide patients and healthcare
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actionable diagnostic information.
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AmeriLabs is a privately owned and CLIA accredited healthcare company that provides laboratory diagnostic services.

We offer a comprehensive menu of laboratory tests, utilizing cutting-edge technology to improve the lives of patients.

We are committed to positively impact the lives of our patients through innovation and leadership in the field of healthcare diagnostics.

Our core values are service, integrity, and reliability. We always put the patient's needs first.

We are committed to being a responsible member of the healthcare community as well as the communities in which we are located.

Our mission is to aid in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease

by providing healthcare professionals with clinically actionable information that informs patient-centric, personalized medical care. We run our business the right way--for the benefit of the people we serve, including patients, physicians, employees, and our community.


At AmeriLabs, we use the latest technology to analyze patient samples rapidly and accurately. Our fully equipped, next generation laboratory is able to handle high volumes of tests from physician customers in every region of the country. 

Our experienced management and highly trained genetic scientists achieve better results. Our scientists are also available for in-depth consultations. 

To ensure accuracy and speed, we employ robotic testing systems. Each step is automated to avoid human error, and provides fast and reliable turnaround times. Each test result is reviewed at least twice, and the final report is reviewed by a senior scientist before being released. 

Our testing reports are comprehensive and east to understand. Results are delivered via secure portal, fax, or EMR.  

We know our work impacts people's lives. We focus on providing exceptional customer service to our partner healthcare professionals. 


From Toxicology to Genetics to Blood Wellness testing, our experienced technicians and state of the art equipment can address all of your testing needs. We are credentialed with all major health insurance carriers and accept samples from coast to coast. We know what we do impacts patient care and patient's lives, and we are here to help.